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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Happy Birthday, Blog

Tomorrow marks TEN YEARS that I've been writing this blog. How'd that happen?

Here's a post from four years ago, followed by my very first post.

And those links at the bottom of my most viewed posts? This is still near the top:

You can't say enough about using SAID as a dialog tag. (Though apparently, I tried.)

And if you're still with me...


I'm sorry. I can't resist. Remembering I was inspired to blog by a Media Bistro workshop, I kinda sorta remembered it as being in February. So I just checked.

Yep. 2/22/ 2008. 
Whoa, I've been doing this for all those years? And a few of you are still listening? This is my 927th post and you're still here?

There must be thousands of bloggers who focus on writing and books and The South and food and-- well, you name it, there's a blog for it. 
So, if you're reading mine, a huge THANK YOU.

Here's that very first post, just for fun.

So how hard can this be. Write a little about what I read. Discuss the pros and cons of (mostly free) book reviewing I do. Pull my hair out online about how hard it is to write, how under appreciated writing is as a job choice. Post pictures of me with new very short haircut, my dog going for a run (ha, ok an amble) on the beach, my latest failure in the kitchen. Let the games begin!

For starters, I'm reading The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood. I just heard her read a chapter at the Writers in Paradise conference and bought the book on the spot. I'm a big fan. My knitting experience ended with the blanket my grandmother taught me to knit when I was nine years old, but the way Hood tells the stories of the women who gather to share and knit and care for each other is remarkable. I'd saved the book to read on my flight from Tampa to Newark yesterday but I can't stop reading it and worry that there will be no book to read on the trip back to Florida. I can't face a plane trip without a book.

OK, blogging is fun. Just like writing the long emails to my friends and family that they pretend to read but really skim and often ignore. Except for Leslie and Kate, who always read and always answer quickly. Thanks, guys!


If anybody's still reading, here are a few of my most viewed posts, over the years.
(about using dialog tags other than said. Hoo Boy did that raise a ruckus!)


Anonymous said...

Seems like know exactly what I mean!
Congrats on all those wonderful words you write, thoughts you share, & humor you bring to the table!

Eileen in Atlanta

Susan Hill Long said...

Still reading! I enjoy your posts, and hope one day to meet in person!
Best wishes on your blog birthday, Augusta! Susan Hill Long :)

PragmaticMom said...

Congrats on your blog's anniversary Augusta!!!

Carol Baldwin said...

Happy Blog day! I'll have to have a similar celebration in a fw years. It's your dedication to the art of reading and writing that keeps coming back--as well as keeping up with you!

Mia Wenjen said...

Congrats and happy birthday!

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks again, fellow writing friends!