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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy School Library Month

When I was asked, along with a lot of writers, to share something from my early memories of my school library, truthfully I couldn't remember just one. I can't remember NOT having a library in my life. School, public, college.
I hang out in libraries like some of my friends do at Starbucks!

So instead, I thought about why I became a librarian. 5th grade.
Hill Demonstration School, Cleveland, MS.
Mr. D.T. Oakes asked me to be the librarian. Which meant I got to check out all the newest books, first. And then decide which of my friends would be next.
I liked the power.
But truly, I loved to read.

Here's a link to all the authors from this year's School Library Month tributes:

My grandmother was one of our town library's founding fathers. Mothers. (You know what I mean.)
There's a plaque in the Bolivar County Library.
Makes me very proud to see that each time I visit!

One of my best book moments was talking about GLORY BE in the Founders Room at the Bolivar County Library.

(You can read about it HERE.)

Do something nice for your local school library this month!
Sadly, so many of them are disappearing, losing support, and losing professional librarians.

Can you even imagine a school without a library?

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