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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kids Write...

I've had a lot of fun Skyping this school year. 
I don't always get a packet of thank-you notes, but when I do, they make me smile.

The class I Skyped with in Vermont recently sent me a Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award bookmark. I'm so proud to be on that list. 

Another group in State College, PA, asked some great questions. Including "Are you wearing shorts?"
(I showed them the palm trees outside my window.)

A few excerpts from my new friends:

 "You are very nice and kind! I love the story behind the story of Glory Be." 

"I was really looking forward to your answers. I really liked your answers."
(and there's a HUGE Thank You! in his signature.)

"I was very curious about the book so now I am not curious."
(also followed by a big Thank You!)

"I was not there to Skype with you but from what I have heard it was very nice and interesting. I heard there was a technology problem...But for the people who got to Skype with you, it was a good experience...because you just do not walk into the store and see your favorite author."

(For the record, the technology problem was minimal and involved about 2 minutes of changing things around so they could both hear and see me on their big screen, and Bingo! we were live. Skype is very user-friendly, for those of you who haven't taken the plunge yet.)

Seriously, don't you just love kids' letters?

And the illustrations that accompany them...

A previous post about Skyping is here, with a link to Kate Messner's list of Authors Who Skype:


Anonymous said...

So enjoyed this blog...and I do love the artwork!

Eileen in Atlanta

PragmaticMom said...

I love that drawing Thank You card! Thanks for sharing!

Augusta Scattergood said...

Aren't kid book lovers the BEST?!