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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Skype 101 from the other side of the computer

What I've learned from a year's worth of Skype chats.

The best Skyping, like the best Author Visits, happens when the kids know something about the book. The very best ones happen when they've actually read the book.

It's easier to hear the questions when students approach the computer, one at a time, and give you their names, then ask. Or at least when they have a microphone. (I learned this from a wise Skyper I know. Thanks, Barbara!)

Having just Skyped with a great class in the faraway northeast, here's a quick video run-down of our 20-minute session.  This is my second year with these fabulous teachers, and I'll come back any time they ask.

This is what they see behind me...
Looks fairly organized, no?

This is what they don't see under my desk. (Shorts and old flipflops usually.)

They also don't see the other side of my desk. Not always like this.
Messy today because I was working on revisions until about five minutes before the call.
Note the glass of water, the tissues, the book. Ready for anything they bring!

I tidied up the other side of my office/ guest room. 
I couldn't put it all away. This is my To Do stack.

 Another tip- You need light, lots of light. But I usually make sure the computer is turned away from this window. Especially if the class is "calling" from a cold, snowy place.

Today the kids and their teachers had on sweaters. I'm not telling what I was wearing.
(See picture 2, above.)

I especially loved today's questions, showing how deeply they understood my book. Now I'm off to think more about Liam's inquiry. "Besides the Beatles and Elvis, what other culture from the Sixties did you put in GLORY BE?"

Teachers, Book Clubs, Readers- Click for Kate Messner's list of AUTHORS WHO SKYPE FOR FREE. Please note: These free visits have restrictions.

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PragmaticMom said...

I gave my 4th grade teachers and school librarian the one copy of your book for them to share and read. I am so hoping that they will include it in their Civil Rights Movement Unit in the Spring and we can have you as a Skype author visit in Newton, MA.

We are having Ruby Bridges visit in May too!!

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks, P.M. And maybe you know that my hearing Ruby Bridges was really what first inspired me to start writing Glory Be.