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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mississippi, Here I Come (back)!

Excited to be going back to the place I call home. 
Or close to it.

Though truthfully, I've never been to Pelahatchie, Mississippi, I can't wait to meet the librarians and talk to the kids next week. 

My "small world" state story? One of the librarians is a granddaughter of my daddy's colleague. 
She and I both worked, at different times, as interns for the State Library Commission. 

Southerners are so connected to each other!

Y'all can't really come though. Sorry.
I won't be hanging out at Lemuria to sign books this time.  
This is a trip to talk to students, teachers, share the story of my book.
(But I bet if you call Emily at the bookstore, she could arrange for me to leave a copy there for you.) 

 I'm thrilled to be headed home!
Home truly is where your story begins...


Leslie S. Rose said...

Have a super trip. There's nothing like southern hospitality.

Augusta Scattergood said...

Leslie- it was great fun and I couldn't agree more about the hospitality thing!