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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I wish I knew the origin of this. 

Obviously, it was a list of writing inspiration ideas. I wish I had the rest of them.
Anybody out there have a clue?

This was tucked away in an email from myself to myself!
May, 2008. 
Which is embarrassing to admit.
(Yes, I'm deleting old emails as fast as I'm tossing out old journals and scribbles.)

I already keep a weather journal and a name journal and a journal about writing. But I love the other thoughts. 

"No snow today" sounds downright poetic!

30. Structure a poem or prose writing according to city streets, miles, walks, drives. For example: Take a fourteen-block walk, writing one line per block to create a sonnet; choose a city street familiar to you, walk it, make notes and use them to create a work; take a long walk with a group of writers, observe, make notes and create works, then compare them; take a long walk or drive- write one line or sentence per mile. Variations on this.

31. The uses of journals. Keep a journal that is restricted to one set of ideas, for instance, a food or dream journal, a journal that is only written in when it is raining, a journal of ideas about writing, a weather journal. Remember that journals do not have to involve "good" writing-they are to be made use of. Simple one-line entries like "No snow today" can be inspiring later. Have 3 or 4 journals going at once, each with a different purpose. Create a journal that is meant to be shared and commented on by another writer--leave half of each page blank for the comments of the other.
Meditate on a word, sound or list of ideas before beginning to write.

42. Take a book of poetry you love and make a list, going through it poem by poem, of the experiments, innovations, methods, intentions, etc. involved in the creation of the works in the book.

47. If you have an answering machine, record all messages received for one month, then turn them into a best-selling novella.


Carol Baldwin said...

great ideas, Augusta. I'm leading a writing workshop tonight and will mention the different types of journals. Ugh--I have to clean out emails and stuff too. Dread it!

Lee Stokes Hilton said...

I love the novella idea. And as it happens, I have quite a few journals devoted to food! But I suspect they could use a bit of organization.

Augusta Scattergood said...

Organization is key, Lee!
And let us know how that workshop went, Carol.
Thanks to you both for your comments.