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Monday, May 12, 2014

School Visits

This spring has totally gotten away from me as far as sharing some of the fun things I've done with schools. 
But as the school year winds down, this seems like a lovely time to celebrate school libraries.

A HUGE thank-you to all the teachers and librarians who've done so much to make these days special for me and their kids.

At Windermere School in Orlando, my great-niece Augusta's 4th grade class made their own Junk Poker boxes. This is one that caught my eye! 

Niece Amy and I. Enjoying a quick photo before I start blabbing about my book.

Speaking of my niece. I'd never say no to Glory Bee honey sticks and huge hunk of chocolate shaped like our home state. (Kind of.  If somebody bit off Gulfport.) Thanks, Amy!

At a school in Tampa, these kids were showing off their GLORY BE projects to their principal. 

When both principal and teacher support an Author Visit, you know that's a great school!  

 One project, on display for me.

Some mornings, getting up before sunrise is worth the show. A short walk outside my Orlando hotel, and the view was breathtaking.  (I love a nice foggy Florida morning, if I'm not driving!)

Signing books is made better when you find a name you love. 
Ah, Story, you were meant to be a character in a book.

Only a former librarian would take a picture of the Bound-to-Stay-Bound poster in a library. Really, I am such a geek.

Or a book cart filled with Sunshine Reader books and a shelf marker... 

 One thing I've loved about my school visits in Florida are the fabulous murals, 
almost always painted by local artists. 

 Of course, I had to take a picture of the airplanes at Tinker Elementary School 
on MacDill Air Force Base.

And the skateboard rack at a high school in West Palm Beach...
Couldn't resist this picture from my April is for Authors event. 
Only in Florida?

I've learned about the concept of their morning radio shows.  
I love this from Westchase Elementary in Tampa.

Thank you for a great spring, Florida Sunshine Readers! 
And good luck as you move to your county Battle of the Books competitions. 


Anonymous said...

This blog was such a delightful adventure!
It not only shows how busy these enthusiastic kids were, but it gives us a peek at YOUR enthusiasm of all the small things that make your writing and their learning such a labor of love!

Eileen in Atlanta

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks, Eileen. It's been a truly heartwarming, gratifying experience this year.