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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What's in a Name?

I've met so many kids this year and have considered borrowing so many of their names.

I tell them about my Name Notebook and warn them that I may just use their names if one speaks to me. So to speak. 

I know, I obsess over naming characters. I can't help it. If you type Character Names, or even names, into the search box on my blog, you'll find an embarrassing number of posts on this topic.

(Don't tell my Writers Group but I'm thinking of changing a character's name. He's got the best name in the manuscript. So good -I think- that I'm considering saving it for a leading man, later. I've been lying awake in bed at night going through the remaining letters of the alphabet trying to find a good name for this fellow.)

Recently a writer friend told me how a name and the resulting book title just magically came to her.  On a walk. I won't give more details-- they are hers to share-- but it involves the name IVY. Two members of my immediate family as well as my lifelong best friend are named Ivy. I thought it was a "normal" name until I moved out of the South and realized no one could even understand what I was saying. And that there were no book characters named Ivy!

That's sure changed.
Witness MOONPIE AND IVY. IVY AND BEAN. And the list goes on.

 (Three of my Ivys)

I found this good advice, as well as a name generator here.

Surprisingly, there were some names to think about on that name generator.
Bo Bones, anyone?


Shannon Hitchcock said...

Waving at you from Tampa and I am knee deep in my Ivy research!

In case anybody missed it, I'm the writer friend that was gifted with a character name and book title on my walk.

Augusta Scattergood said...

Can't wait to read about YOUR Ivy, Shannon! Thanks for the wave from across the Bay.