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Friday, June 27, 2014


In its great generosity, SCHOLASTIC has sent me not one but two ARCs of Kathryn Erskine's new novel for ages 8-12. Perhaps it was unintentional. But I'm going to share the wealth.

 (very cool cover, no?)

Since they just arrived, I've not read the book yet. 
Though the first few pages made me want to hide under a shady tree, forget my To Do list, and read.

Since it's not available for sale until August 26, perhaps you haven't read it either?

Would you like one of my Advanced Reader Copies?
Go ahead, leave me a comment!  Here or on Facebook.
I'll draw ONE name tomorrow and whisk it in the mail ASAP. (You didn't think I was going to share both copies, did you? I can't wait to read it!)
NB: if you're the winner, I'll need to have a shipping address no later than Monday. 
So stay tuned, please.

Here's what you might want to know about this intriguing novel:

National Book Award winner Kathryn Erskine presents a unique novel about a sickly boy's epic journey through England and Scotland at the height of Medieval times.

Adrian is small for his age, even for an almost thirteen year old. It doesn't help that  he has albinism, which makes those he meets wonder if he's an angel or a devil. His father is a bowyer, and all Adrian wants to do is become apprenticed and go off to war as an archer. But that's not what his father wants for him. Since Adrian can write, his father wants him to be a scribe. That's just about the last thing Adrian wants. When the Scots invade England and Adrian's best friend Hugh runs off to find his father and fight in battles, Adrian soon follows, intent on finding Hugh and joining him in glorious warfare against the pagans invading England from the north. When Adrian finds Hugh, who is caring for a wounded Scotsman, he's horrified that Hugh would aid an enemy. But soon, as Adrian gets to know Donald, he begins to question what he's been taught about the enemy and the nature of war. In this epic journey an afflicted boy finds an inner strength he never knew belonged to him.

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Augusta Scattergood said...

Katherine was my winner and the author is delighted.
Win/ win.