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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kids Say the Greatest Things

Which perhaps I've failed to report in sufficient quantities this year.
But I've had a great time hearing them, noting them, smiling and realizing kids' book writers are the luckiest ducks in the world!

5th Grade Boy, Orlando. Buying 2 copies of my book.
"Just sign one of them to me. Only need your name on the other. I'm selling it on Ebay."

My last school visit of 2013-2014 was bittersweet- hate for the year to end!-  but great fun. 
Thanks, Scholastic and My Very Own Library, for inviting me to talk to the kids at two schools in Newark, NJ, and for giving those kids some awesome books. 
Such great kids, so well prepared, the best listeners.

Here I am, signing books, schmoozing with a terrific librarian at Ivy Hill School.

The boys at Eagle Academy helped me stand on a chair in the back of the room so I could be seen in this group of young men, standing tall.

I do love this part of being a writer. 
Now summer's here and it's back to the other part- the actual writing.
Have a great vacation, kids, and I hope you read a ton of books!


Anonymous said...

Well, well....I'd say that you have officially arrived.
Worthy of a kid with visions of making a fortune on e-bay with that extra book that he bought for you to sign!

Eieen in Atlanta

Lee Stokes Hilton said...

Hilarious comment from the eBay kid -- what a treat. And wonderful that you could connect with so many around the country.

sophiesmom said...

Wow, what industrious kids, always thinking. More fodder for your writing notebook. :-)

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks, everybody!
I'm thinking that enterprising young man in Orlando might be somebody to pay attention to. I bet he's got other plans up his sleeve.