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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Those Tabs Up There?

If you're a teacher or a libraian reading this, be sure to click on the FOR TEACHERS tab at the top of this blog.

I've heard from several teacher/ librarian connections that blogs are verboten on some school computers!
So there's also info about me and my book(s) on my website.  

But here on this blog, I just updated a few things.

Because of some of the letters and requests I get from kids asking what the voices of the characters sound like to me (!), I put up a new (hopefully better) link to my reading of the first chapter.
Here is is:

And this short list of books that HORN BOOK recommended about Freedom Summer.

Thanks for checking in and for sharing my book with your young readers.

I almost titled this blog post: GLORY BE FOR TEACHERS AND LIBRARIANS.
That sounded pretty darn good. Any way you look at it.

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