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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Writing Notebooks

I still remember Carolyn Coman at one of the earlier HIGHLIGHTS Whole Novel workshops showing us her writing notebook. The one she scribbled ideas in when she was gardening- or doing all sorts of things that didn't seem like writing. 

That was a while ago (okay, it was early fall, 2005). I was just beginning the story that would eventually become THE WAY TO STAY IN DESTINY (Coming January, 2015. Don't do the math. It takes me a while.)


To this day, I've never used just one notebook for my pre-writing scribbles. And that's a problem. I have notes everywhere! 

Including in a Scrivener document. Which is where I always end up. But you can't drag your computer to some of the places where you do your best thinking, right? And you never know when an idea or a thought will need writing down.

It would be helpful if all those brilliant thoughts ended up in the same notebook.

So I'll steal some of Linda Urban's excellent ideas.

Have you been following her "notebook" posts about writing? I love how she shares details about what's in those notebooks. Here's a LINK.  There are several. Follow them all!

And just before we departed New Jersey, I popped in on Elizabeth Eulberg et al. and their "YA Romance" panel at the Morristown Festival of the Book. Elizabeth held up a notebook, complete with tabs. That's the look I'm going for!

Aside: Elizabeth has a very good post on her blog about what authors have control over and what they have NO control over. Mostly I agree with her. It's worth reading if you've wondered about things like book jacket art, festivals and promotions, etc. Read it HERE. 

What kind of notebook do you use for your important pre-writing scribbles? Or do you start right up sitting in front of your computer? 
Is it different for each project?
Do you love a certain type of paper, a beautiful notebook, a regular 3-ring binder?
Inspire me with your ideas, please!


Rosi said...

Hahahahaha! I laughed out loud when I read about all your notes everywhere -- just like mine. I try so hard to organize everything, but then have an idea when I'm away from every little notebook I have already started. And I keep on buying more little notebooks. Ah, well. I'll keep trying to be better and maybe I will. 8-)

Lee Stokes Hilton said...

I have pads of post-its and spiral binders, and even notes on the Notes app on my phone. Mostly for food ideas -- lists of appetizers, special vinegars to try, oddball spices to buy, and this note from a culinary demo on board our ship this summer: "Best way to eat a mango is naked and in a bathtub." Go figure. Hmmm... this is sounding a lot like a post.

Augusta Scattergood said...

While traveling this week, I haven't taken a single note except on my phone. I didn't bring any notebooks. I hope I'll remember things I want to write down when I get home but it's scary without a zillion notebooks.
Lee- Mango in a bathtub? That sounds like a story, not a blog!