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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Making Friends With Billy Wong

Thank you to a new (to me) book blogger for this excellent review. She listened to the audio of my newest book, and I agree that the audio is "excellent, with two perfect narrators."

Here's just one of the paragraphs that made me swoon with delight. Truly, when you work as hard as we do to get a story from our heads to the finished book, a review like this makes you believe it was worth that effort!

"As always in her immersive novels, Scattergood tells a warm story of childhood while also addressing important issues of race, poverty, and justice. I think this novel will be eye-opening for many modern children, whose classrooms today include plenty of Asian-American kids, to find out about this particular form of racism that was prevalent so recently. That is, of course, just one thread of this engaging story about friendship and family, as Azalea not only makes a new friend but also gets closer to her grandmother and learns her family history."


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Carol Baldwin said...

Sweet review, Augusta!