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Monday, February 16, 2009

View from the Beach

You never know what you'll see on a stroll down the beach with Jay and Al. Maybe a Community Sand Castle, built from found objects. According to the sign, this one's been around for 5 months.

Here's another view, with a nod to our Canadian visitors (note the flags).

And this one's for you, Lucy, Evie, Jackson and Uncle Jack= Sponge Bob!

While making our way back to the car through the beach concession, Al notices a bunch of old fellows sitting at a picnic table discussing Power Ball. Really old guys. Just having a great afternoon, hanging with their buds, talking about winning the lottery.

Closer to the street, I stop in my tracks. What's that sound coming from the restroom's open door? 3-part harmony emanating from the beach concession's men's room. "On State Street, that great street..." Now could you get in the car till you knew who was singing? More old dudes in bathing suits, tanned bronze as the nearby trunks of palm trees, emerged from the men's room, still harmonizing.

Just another day at St. Pete Beach. There's gotta be a story here.

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Anonymous said...

My neighbors know those guys! They are there singing a lot!