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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So Many Books!

I fear my To-Review stack has far surpassed my ability to read and write about these books. I'll admit I've been a tad distracted with revising. I love love love revising my own novel, don't get me wrong. But books are beckoning!

Here's what I plan/hope to write about very soon:

The book that just won the Newbery Medal: MOON OVER MANIFEST. True confession. I read half of it and got bogged down and gave up. It's not that I don't like the book, I was just very distracted. In fact, I think I'll like it a lot, and not just because on Monday it won the biggest deal in the world of kids' books.

A fabulous Southern novel, out in paperback this week: BLOODROOT by Amy Greene. Absolutely adored this book! I will review this one, top of the list. Top of the pile. Way up there.

A book being overnighted to me for review by Delta Magazine, written by a fellow Mississippian. Stay tuned for more about this, but the title really has me. (haha- a teaser!)

And last but not least. I was sent an ebook of Frances O'Roark Dowell's upcoming novel, a Galley Grab her publisher is calling it. So as soon as I download the app, I can read that one, but it's not compatible with my IPad sadly. Reading on my computer just isn't the same. Though I've loved Dowell's other middle-grade novels, I'm not sure when I'll get the process completed for this one.

So far, I've not evaluated a true ebook or a kids' book app. I'm sure they are in my future.

As Roger Sutton remarked on his Horn Book email today:
For book reviewers, evaluating these new forms of “books” presents a challenge to our criteria and critical vocabulary (a phrase such as “moves right along” acquires new meaning), one that will remain in flux just as the media continues to change.

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