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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Watch These Words!

Each year Lake Superior State University picks words they'd like to see banned from the English language. Click here for the complete list, with usage.

I'd agree with quite a few:
Wow Factor (Should have been banned about 4 years ago, IMHO)
BFF (Hmmm. I kind of like this one, but overused? Probably.)
I'm just sayin'

There are more! And we could probably add some they haven't considered...
I'm thinking. (But I'm not just sayin'.)

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Lee Stokes Hilton said...

Interesting list, and I couldn't agree more on the use of BFF -- very silly if you ask me, and completely meaningless.

Lee Stokes Hilton said...

I think the more interesting activity would be to find meanings for the nonsense words that appear in the "word verification" box on these comment pages. The one that's here now is "turbous." If it had a meaning, what would that be? Maybe something related to "turbulent," as in "able to stir things up"?