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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Thing I Love

Uber-writer Barbara O'Connor recently started posting something she loves on her blog each Thursday, along with a little story. She calls it-- ta-da!-- Things I Love Thursday. You can click that link and search for other similar posts of hers.

I'm not promising things I love enough to make a whole year of Thursdays. But there is something in my kitchen that every time I pass close to it (often), I think to myself: That's the best thing in my house and I love it!

Since I'm copying from the best, I'll do what she does and tell the story.

My daughter and I were trapped in front of her TV for long periods of the past hot summer. We watched Giada cook. Enjoying ourselves, mostly. I casually remarked that I thought the fruit/ veggie basket holder/ thingie in Giada's kitchen was very cool.  My daughter researched it, and she gave it to me for my August birthday.

It's made by Chilewich, in Chatsworth GA, and they call it a "3-tier tray." It came in many parts with a design flaw that needed tweaking. Fortunately, I have the world's cleverest tweaker in the family. Eventually it was assembled. The tray fits perfectly in my kitchen, and it's something I definitely, truly love.

I had to move it to a sunny spot to take that picture. Here's a view of the basket where it lives in the corner, from a couple of weeks ago, posing with my Mississippi State cheese. Which I also love. Hey, maybe there's something to this Things I Love Weekly.

(I just don't like this photo so much. Maybe it's the ugly garlic. But those little tomatoes are growing in my garden, and the basil is now twice that big, in a sunny window. Maybe I should call these blog posts Things I Love in the Kitchen. Or maybe I should get back to blogging about books and writing... What do you think?)


Barbara O'Connor said...

I love it, too!!

Lisa J. Michaels said...

Oh, I do hope you keep sharing the love! That was such a nice little story, and it helped us get to know you better! Hugs, Lisa