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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Indiana in Pictures

If anybody ever invites you to Indiana, say yes.
Especially if it's a group sponsoring a One-Book, all-county reads, Center for the Study of the Book program!

My first tour of Shelbyville, Indiana, was guided by these delightful ladies who run Three Sisters Books, attached to a coffee shop complete with a soda fountain and stools. (Sadly, not pictured.)

 (Two of the Three Sisters, in their Bookstore on Shelbyville's town Square/ Circle.)

                                                               (Here's the bookstore!)

Next day- School visits! All over Shelby County!

What's better than signing books in the library? Well, maybe signing books to classes who've read and loved your book. 
Thank you, teachers!


I was a little overwhelmed the first time I set up my PowerPoint presentation in the gym.

Then I realized, Hey! It's Indiana! 
Tonight's the Final Four final game! 
I can do this...

Then the kids arrived.
And I knew I could do it!

 (Before I spoke, I noted the entire audience of over 200 kids attempting The Wave. Go, Glory!)

There was even a SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR at two of the schools, completely randomly scheduled.

Another day, another gym. I'm getting the hang of this!

(I loved my hosts for SHELBY COUNTY READS. This is committee chair, Sandra Learned, introducing me. What a great group!) 

On Monday night, I got to hand out prizes for the essay contest- gift certificates to Three Sisters Books.  
Glory Be's sharing a table with the other selected books on this year's topic of justice:
To Kill a Mockingbird, Wonder, a Berenstain Bears book about bullying.

If you'd like to see a zillion pictures from my three days in Indiana, click HERE for the Shelby County Reads Facebook page. Enter at your own risk. Scary picture of me showing off Wax Lips from the Junk Poker box. Eeek!

Thank you to all the schools who prepared their students so well for my visit the day after Spring Break! Thank you to the amazing Shelby County Reads team. And a special thanks to all those GLORY BE readers who filled the gyms and the libraries.

It's great to be an author! I love Indiana.


Barbara O'Connor said...

This looks great!

Anonymous said...

Augusta you were joy. I'm glad you were able to come to Shelbyville IN from Janet Wallace public library director.

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy getting to see the wonderful pictures of Glory's travels as she visits her fans and readers!

Eileen in Atlanta

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks, everybody. It was just as much fun as those pictures made it look!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Terrific pictures!!! What a fun time. (What do you do in your Power Point? Curious minds . . . )

Augusta Scattergood said...

I should blog about PowerPoint! I'd love to get others' ideas. I change mine up a little, according to the age of the kids/ adults.

But it's mostly things that inspired the book, from my own childhood as well as some of the actual history of 1964.
Thanks for asking, Kimberley!

Pam said...

Augusta, you were wonderful coming to speak to our students and joining the Shelby County Reads committee for our festivities. And I am so glad to know why your lips looked so funny in that picture with your wax lips.

Pam said...

You were absolutely wonderful. We loved having you.