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Sunday, April 21, 2013

What I'm Reading Now, for grownups

Tonight I'm starting WHERE'D YOU GO, BERNADETTE? because it's a library book and I must read it soon. And it's just been shortlisted for Britain's Women's Prize. Don't really know what that is but if Tampa Bay Times Books Editor Colette Bancroft thinks it's worth mentioning in today's paper, it should be good.

Also because of Colette, I'm going to finish LIFE AFTER LIFE. The Kate Atkinson version. (Already read and pretty much loved Jill McCorkle's new novel of the same title.) But Atkinson is a favorite of mine, so I'll give her new book one more push. Though even Bancroft called it Groundhog Day-ish (as did a New York Times reviewer). It's on my Kindle. Maybe that's the problem.

I also have ORPHAN MASTER'S SON on my Kindle, unfinished. Winner of the just-announced Pulitzer. (Why can't I get past the beginning?)

Oh, boy. And I almost forgot. When I visited the newly spruced-up INKWOOD BOOKS last week, I had to buy Jane Gardam's new book, LAST FRIENDS. Loved the other two novels about these same multi-layered characters. 

Check out INKWOOD's April Picks, many of these new books are discounted in April at Tampa Bay's local independent bookstore. 
Here's the link:

Do I need more suggestions? Probably not. But I always love to hear what everybody's reading so feel free to share.

I should call it my To-Be-Finished stack...

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