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Monday, March 24, 2014

Character Names

You know how much I love collecting names, right?

I tell the kids at my School Visits that I have an entire notebook filled with potential character names. And I'm always looking for more.


(Her friend's name was Story.)

And Gertie! I love Gertie!

My latest link, just discovered?

The hot new names. 
Except guess what's on the New Baby Name Style Wave---
Yep, an old name making a comeback. 
(I won't hold my breath waiting for Augusta...)

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Yes, I do obsess...


Caroline Starr Rose said...

I love names, too, and also collect them! I have a character from a never-to-be published novel named Dr. Hickenlooper. He's a cookie-baking eye doctor who takes care of everyone's "cookie needs" (this is something else beyond interesting names that humors me: the idea that we have "needs" like this and the signs that say "We take care of your XX needs.")

I always hoped it would sell so I could send a copy to Governor Hickenlooper in Colorado. :)

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Names are great! I love finding unique ones. I also autograph a lot of book to kids with unusual names. :-)

Cam, I am said...

Love names! I was named for my great grandmother Cammy Racheline. My daughter's beautiful double name Emily Grace came from my husbands best friends grandmother (Emily) and the grace we received after years of waiting for another baby (9 to be exact)
Oh how I fought for that double name living in PA! Every September I would talk with her teacher patiently explaining what that double name meant to this Southern girl transplanted in the North. And every year they agreed to my request and every year by May, she was just Em. Sigh.... Now we live in TN and her grade is filled with double names! To that I say GLORY BE!

Augusta Scattergood said...

Cam, I am- I think those double names still exist in the South (says this Southerner who was called Mary Augusta until she was in Jr. High...). My newest niece is Mary Helen, and we are totally calling her that, after both grandmothers!

Caroline, I'm laughing not so much at the name- which is plenty funny- but at the cookie-baking eye doctor. Maybe not as bad as my current DENTIST who passes out warm cookies after your cleaning appts. Egads.

... said...

What was Miss Bloom's real name in the book Glory Be?

Augusta Scattergood said...

Miss Bloom's real name was- Miss Bloom! She was actually based on a couple of librarians I knew and loved.
Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Powers.