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Monday, March 10, 2014

Excellent WRITING TIPS for all

While searching for something else, I found this.
Often that happens, doesn't it?

I wish I knew who said it first, but I'll share here.
I'm taking this excellent advice myself. If anyone can give credit to the original writer, please do. Don't want to steal someone else's words, but it's good advice.


Adjectives if 2 or 3, make 1 or 2

“Magic 2”: If a big paragraph, delete 2 sentences. Each sentence, delete 2 words. Short sentences, delete 2 syllables

Beginnings of each chapter!

People rarely use names in conversation. Leave them out!
(I never use names in conversation. Well, hardly ever. And it bugs me when they're used repeatedly in dialog. Read it aloud and you'll see how awkward they sound!)

Cliches and junk words (“well, just, even”).

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