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Friday, January 23, 2015

Elizabeth Berg

Elizabeth Berg has a new novel, coming this spring! 
Have you ever read her book about writing, ESCAPING INTO THE OPEN: THE ART OF WRITING TRUE?

Here's a quote to mull over this morning.

"Sound can fine-tune the description of a place. Consider what you might hear at 7:30 in the evening in these three places, all of them restaurants: a four-star hotel dining room, a truck stop, a Dairy Queen on a hot summer night." 

Don't miss this- writing tips, advice, her thoughts:

For an extensive interview, check out this from Writer's Digest:

Also, you can read all about her new novel and the book tour on her Facebook Author page. (I borrowed this image from that page.)


Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks for the links and info about Elizabeth Berg. Her blog post was great!

Susan Hill Long said...

I just ordered that special candle Elizabeth Berg says is her favorite. Now I'm sure to start cranking out the next book.

Rosi said...

I appreciate the links. I really enjoyed the blog post. Thanks!

Augusta Scattergood said...

Candles! Quick!
Yes, that's the solution. Though I'm more likely to be found reading than writing by candlelight...
(Thanks for your comments, everybody.)