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Monday, January 26, 2015

Writers Love Readers

One question I often get from kids involves "favorites."

Which character do you like most?
Which chapter was your favorite to write?

And now, which is your favorite book?

Of course, authors always compare it to having a favorite child, or student, or pet.
Taking the easy way out of that question!

But I truly don't have a favorite. I have favorite scenes, yes. Okay, you can call them chapters. And maybe I like a character a lot. But favorites? That's harder.

And just because a new book comes out, we're not forsaking our firstborns.

That's what tickled me so much when my writer friend SHANA BURG sent this video to share her young neighbor's enthusiasm for GLORY BE.

Thanks, ladies. This tickles me to no end.

(Her name is Jocelyn. I wrote her a note and told her I thought of giving my character Jesslyn that name. And okay, Jesslyn might just be near the top of my favorite character list.)

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