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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Introducing Your Book to the World

The best time to launch a book set in sunny Florida? Why, January of course! Who knew?

But is there a better time to think about bourgainvillia, baseball spring training, and best friends hanging out at the beach? Especially if you're digging out from a foot of snow. (Sorry, friends up there freezing and shoveling.)

I loved having my Book Launch Party at the wonderful Dunedin Public Library. Thank you to the terrific librarians. Thanks also to the fabulous librarian at the Curtis Fundamental School in Dunedin for supporting the event.

Jan Hager's students at Curtis Fundamental (who hadn't even read the book because- hey- it wasn't a book yet) made super posters for her contest.

The judges chose five winners: Alexandra, Anna, Ava, Mckenzie, and Alaya and Sara.  

Here they are!

Poor Theo! What a dilemma! You can see it on his face.

Anabel and Theo= friends forever.

Wow! Look at the cool colors. Great bat. 

 The choices we make along the way to our destiny...

A peace symbol, lots of musical notes, fabulous piano. 

Here I am, yacking away, signing a few books.
Thanks, Barnes & Noble for bringing and selling so many!

One of my original Florida SCBWI critique group members lives in Dunedin. Denis always supports our Tampa Bay gang. My writer friends Sue and Teddie were also there, along with lots of new friends and so many kids with their families. What a great afternoon!

Note the library camera guy in the background and my basket of goodies on the table. 
Lots going on. Lots of fun. 

I truly appreciate everybody who came, all of you who've bought  
and especially those who've shared your nice thoughts about the book. 

I guess it's real.

If you're still scrolling, thank you.
If you have a few minutes and haven't had enough of me, the wonderful Dunedin librarian just emailed the video from my presentation. Be warned- it's not short.


Rosi said...

Those posters are adorable. Congratulations on all of this.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Love this! Your presentation was great. Lots of good questions.