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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beautiful Bookmarks!

When I was a reference librarian, I worked side by side with Doris Nubel. She was Old School, in a good way. Although she was some 30 years older than I was, she could have Danced with the Stars. She was a ballroom dancer, a world traveler, and a topnotch reference librarian. And she collected bookmarks. She loved her bookmarks and always brought them back to her fellow librarians when she traveled.

I'm quite fond of bookmarks myself. And these are beautiful and fun to look at. While you're at the site, check out the beautiful libraries which I wrote about in an earlier post. Not to mention, the beautiful bookstores.


cindy said...

I was doing some research for bookmarks for my Mom's birthday and came across your blog.
What a surprise to see you mention Doris -- she is my husband's aunt.

I have a bookmark from one of her trips. Dancing and traveling does sum up Doris.

Do you live in Chatham??

Augusta Scattergood said...

What a small world! I lived in Chatham forever and worked next to Doris for about 5 years before moving to another job as a school librarian. I adored working with her and she taught me so much. We now live in St. Petersburg, FL most of the time. I, too, have a bookmark she brought me, from China, I think.

Is Doris still alive? I've completely lost touch with all the old gang. We shared a birthday, almost, and used to celebrate together! Thanks for writing-

Anonymous said...

That is so crazy and what a small world indeed.

Doris is alive and when I talk to her I think she remembers me. Her daughter Nancy is taking care of her. Nancy moved back to Chatham about 8 years ago to help Doris out -- not sure if you knew Nancy. Nancy tried to get her mom to move to Iowa but Doris said NO!! Getting older has challenges that is for sure.

Her birthday is August 13th which is also my sister's birthday. She will be 92.

We live in Michigan but I am originally from a farm in North Dakota. I taught second grade and my roommate was our school librarian. (:
Enjoy your day!!