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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Funny Blog (not mine...)

Not sure how I'd missed Joshilyn Jackson, the author of Gods in Alabama. I discovered her recently, after I was invited to share the southern writers group blog, A Good Blog is Hard to Find. By the way, today Kerry Madden, a favorite kids' writer of mine, posted the Prologue to her new biography about Harper Lee. Click on over to read about how she came to write the book, her trip to Lee's hometown, much more. Loved that.

But back to Joshilyn Jackson. She's funny (hilarious, actually but not in that corn pone southern humor way that bugs me). Especially when blogging but also when writing novels. I linked to her blog once before when she was (peripherally) writing about frozen peas... So, check out this entry about watching TV. Because as someone who can waste a lot of time in front of the TV, I relate. (And I, too, only came to NCIS very late.) Then check out her books. And let me know what you think.


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

I just discovered Joshilyn Jackson's books a couple of months ago, too, and devoured them all and now her blog as well. She is a great writer - and a hilarious blogger.

It's sort of funny to read your blog about recently discovering her, too.

I ADORE Southern books!

Augusta Scattergood said...

Did you see her most recent post on the Southern Writers Blog: Good Blog is Hard to Find? About plot (kind of). Wish I were that funny!