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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here is where the Flowers are!

(Forewarned: this is not a post about reading, writing, books, or anything to do with any of them. Time out for flowers! Although I truly think there's a story in here somewhere.)

We came north optimistically expecting spring bulbs in bloom. So far, it's been mostly forsythia. Then again, it hasn't really felt like spring yet, cold and rainy. My friends keep telling me it's only April 1st and my expectations are too high.

But today a trip to the Macy's Flower Show in the 60-plus degree sunshine fixed my yearning for flowers. Wow.

This year's theme featured lots of balloons, large and small. The guide pointed out that this is the yellow in Martha Stewart's new line of bedding...
Well, it was a beautiful creamy yellow.

Just inside the front door, butterflies, high in the sky, greet the thousands of flower show fans. Inside the little glass windows, tiny, beautiful crystals were tucked inside the displays.

English Garden!

The yellow flowers here were my favorite. Our guide wasn't sure what they were. She fessed up to not being a horticulturalist. I think the guides are mostly out-of-work actors. She was very dramatic. And actually pretty good at pointing out a few things.

But thankfully some of the flowers are marked and this one's a Golden Chain Tree.
I need this beauty in my own backyard.

Speaking of dramatic. You can't go to New York without finding a character, a little local color. We're not sure about this dude. He was having fun posing for pictures. His "necklace" says Happy Easter.

A wall of roses! Thousands of real roses. Perfume bottles suspended in the air!

Upstairs on the 8th floor, tabletop decorations. I don't think the daisy is edible but it sure looked gorgeous.

Macy's employee, making sure the flowers are replaced if they begin to wilt. Those are white orchids in the foreground and white roses on the table. Magnificent!

Did you know the wooden elevators in Macy's are the last department store elevators of their kind in the city?

The Macy's Flower Show is an annual event, the week before and the week after Easter. This year's really was one of the best I remember. Then again, it's been a long, cold winter.

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JoyceHostetter said...

Delightful! Looks like a fun time. Meanwhile, I am pulling weeds. Dirt under the nails - even when I do wear gloves.