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Friday, April 16, 2010

Reason #367

As if I needed a reason to fall off the Healthy Eating Wagon, how's this for a great excuse?

I'm reviewing a cookbook (stay tuned till late May for the link to that, however) and the editor of the online magazine I'm reviewing for says to include a recipe. The review is due next week. I needed a recipe. The book is about barbecue, and I'm not planning to smoke a pork side anytime soon. Also rejected the numerous, delicious-sounding desserts. Somehow Krispy Kreme Donut Bread Pudding didn't seem like it would fit into my attempted Healthy Eating Plan of the Month. Ditto 'Nana Pudding, though both were tempting.

Instead, in anticipation of weekend guests, I made a huge bowl of coleslaw to go along with the two pork roasts I'm marinating.

Guess what? Dinner guests changed their travel plans. I'm stuck with 8 cups of slaw. So I'm sitting here thinking about lunch today. Does anybody remember Hot dogs and Slaw? There's a little ice cream stand near my house with a hot dog with cole slaw on the menu called "Southern Hot Dog" so maybe it's a southern thing? When I was a kid, we actually somehow managed to leave school for lunch (aka noon dinner) and mosey over to Ward's Drug Store where they made these delicious hot dogs, piled with slaw and maybe catsup and mustard. Aha! All those ingredients were in my fridge, having recently entertained little ones who actually eat hot dogs.

Come to think of it, that slaw is extremely healthy. No mayo. Lots of cabbage. Even tomatoes, if you can believe that. Maybe they'll counteract the hot dog? Oops. Ignore the Zapp's Potato Chips I discovered squirreled away, hidden from anybody but me. Still, all in all, maybe not 100% unhealthy?

And the book? Thumbs up! It, and the slaw, get an excellent review.

Little known factoid from the book: The Dutch called it koolsla (cabbage salad) and brought it to Nieuw Amsterdam. The Dutch and Germans called it Krautsalad when they settled in North Carolina. Their descendants put it on the menus of barbecue restaurants.

I do love reviewing cookbooks.


Anonymous said...

Once a year I go to Atlanta's Varsity (the most famous food drive-in in the world) and order a chili-cheese-slaw dog, along with an order of onion rings or fries, and a fried peach pie and Diet Coke (HA)
You can do this only once a year because the grease on those fries and rings will last you an entire year....guaranteed.

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Hotdogs with slaw - is there any other way? Yep! I'm southern.

But slaw without mayo - not so sure about that.

Lee Stokes Hilton said...

Looks like I must try the slaw -- my Dutch heritage is calling me. I liked this post very much. In my home town, San Antonio, the kids all went to Sills' Snack Shack for beanburgers, amazing burgers (very thin and fried, of course, then topped with refried beans, crushed Fritos, and a dollop of Cheez Whiz). Hard to get more unhealthy, but I can taste it even now.

Augusta Scattergood said...

Y'all are making me hungry. Beanburgers! Varsity slaw chili cheese hot dogs! Hot dogs with mayo. Yay!