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Friday, April 23, 2010

My Day...

OK, when I started this blog, I promised: No Navel Gazing! No reporting in on what I was eating for lunch, how late I stayed up watching American Idol, or even what I was planting in my garden. I know, I know, I've broken that promise and deviated from my platform. But I've mostly stuck with writing, books, and whatever connection they make to my daily life.

So that's why this cupcake is here.

Today I met my writing cohort Teddie for a cupcake and, as my wonderful Irish friend Edel always says, a chinwag. I love chinwags. We caught up and munched on a red velvet cupcake and a lemon flavored one. We were not overly impressed, but there was a breeze and nobody was around but us and the checkers-playing old guys in front of the cigar shop. So we wagged our chins and enjoyed our day.

Then I came home and spent the rest of the afternoon reading what I predict will be this year's Newbery Award winning book. You heard it here first.

I'm reviewing it for The Christian Science Monitor. It's coming to bookstores May 1. I think the writer is coming to my favorite D.C. bookstore, Politics and Prose, very close to its release date, so if you're there and you want to meet her, check their website. Also, she's signing at Books of Wonder soon, a great kids' bookstore in NYC.

This book is the first of a trilogy of books about the 60s, for middle-grade and older, a documentary novel for kids that truly I couldn't stop reading. It's Deborah Wiles' amazing new book, COUNTDOWN. Wow.

An all-around super nice Friday. Doesn't get much better than that. How about you?

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Teddie Aggeles said...

That chinwag was so much fun and meeting at a cupcake shop made it even more so. Love the photo too.

Who knew that by the end of that week we'd both have good news about our books.

I say, on to the next adventure.