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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Dog's Way Home, and a Giveaway

I'm a sucker for dogs. And I guess that goes for dog books also. But I've just finished Bobbie Pyron's A DOG'S WAY HOME, and I'm here to tell you, you don't have to love a dog to love this book.

I marked way too many passages to quote here, but this is a small sample:

"He could not know the many miles and vast wilderness that lay between him and his home with the girl. A dog does not measure distance in miles or even days. A dog only knows that every footfall, every heartbeat, brings him closer to his heart's desire. Anyone seeing Tam trotting with his easy gait along the side of the road would see a dog going home."

Except that he's not. Not yet.

Tam, the Shetland sheepdog, is about to have the biggest adventure of his young life. The middle-grade novel is told in alternating chapters, Tam and his owner, Abby.  Abby's a great character, too. Without giving away too much-- because this book is filled with heart-stopping worries about both the dog and his girl, here's a bit about Abby. She's in a bus station, all alone, drinking a Coke, which her Mama would never let her have because they eat the enamel off your teeth. But then, of course, her mother appears to bring her home:

"My heart beat in my throat. Sweat popped out on my arms... I was in for it now. I braced myself for the kind of tongue-lashing only Mama could give. Instead, she sat down next to me and took my hand... I looked away. I guess I wasn't such a good liar."

Kathi Appelt, another writer who knows a little about dogs and their stories, says it's a "Triumphant story about faith and hope and never giving up, especially on the ones you love."

And guess what. Today's somebody's lucky day. Just leave me a comment and you could be reading this great novel in no time flat. I'm giving away an AUTOGRAPHED copy of the paperback! I'll keep the giveaway open for a week.

Just what you need to jumpstart your summer reading. Read aloud with your 9 to 12-year-old. Read to share with your classroom next fall.

Read because it's just a terrific dog book. No, just a really good book.

This one will keep you up, turning pages fast. On the beach, in the mountains, on the front porch swing. Dog lovers and all others.

Click here for Bobbie Pyron's website.

Click here to read an excerpt.

Or better yet, just leave me a quick comment and you could be reading it all! The whole book!
Go ahead, you have until Wednesday, June 27th, when I'll get the cute pup across the street to draw the lucky reader out of her dog bowl.


Melodye said...

Some of my favorite childhood memories come of reading dog books. HOWEVER, when I finished OLD YELLER, I wanted to take to my bed, I was so distraught. I prefer happy endings....

Bobbi Miller said...

I love dog books, and animal stories. This one looks particular good! I liked OLD YELLER, too. And THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY! My faves!

Michele Ivy Davis said...

It sounds like a book I definitely want to get. My granddaughter is really into dogs and pet stories, and has asked me several times to find her one where the dog doesn't die in the end (she's a future vet). It sounds like a good story for me, too. :) I hope the dog doesn't die in the end!

Nancy Stewart said...

I still remember the dog books that I could not get through without crying. Such pathos. Such understanding. Such character building for children.

Thank you for this, and all best luck with it!

Nancy Stewart said...

I well remember the dog books I read as a child and the tears that fell. Such pathos. Such empathy. Such character building for kids.

Thanks for showcasing this book!

Susan said...

What a wonderful review! It took me back to reading "The Incredible Journey" too. As an adult, I avoid animal stories that require kleenex and even though this looks like one of them, you've tempted me!