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Monday, June 11, 2012

You gotta love New Jersey

Time for a break from my literary world. From books, writing, and reading to report on our annual return to New Jersey. Although, truly, isn't everything a story?

Each spring when we make the pilgrimage, I have a friend here waiting to take us on an adventure.

Like the 9-11 Memorial in Bayonne. With a great Italian dinner afterwards.

(blogged about HERE)



Or the truly moving and something-I'll-never-forget, World Trade Center Lights viewed from Jersey City, soon after September 11.
(Photo courtesy of wikipedia)

This year, at least so far, I've been blown away by something pretty simple. No historical significance. Just a huge apartment complex set into the side of a ridge in Morris County, vaguely reminiscent of Chichen Itza or Native American cliff dwellings. Yes, the operative word is vaguely.

What we saw last night:

The view from the high promenade in front of the apartments:

That's NYC, way off in the distance. If you're interested, this is from the realty company's listing:

Powder Mill Heights offers a gracious lifestyle, second to none. Located on the peak of Parsippany's Watnong Mountain, residents are truly on top of the world. Apartments are carefully designed with voluminous windows to take in breathtaking views that go for miles. Many private balconies capture the vista views of the New York skyline. We offer luxury apartments with a variety of one and two level floor plans, spanning from 1,000-3,000 square feet

And this? 
My friend Barbara and I stare off into the distance, 
wondering what it would be like to live way up here, almost in the clouds.

Thanks for the roadtrips, Al!

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Leslie Davis Guccione said...

Oh the NJ spots you could continue to blog about.

PragmaticMom said...

We were in New Jersey last weekend for the soccer game (Argentina versus Brasil) and we always get hopelessly lost in New Jersey despite have a nav system!

You must have a better sense of direction!