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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Quote of the Day, and typing

"The most powerful words in the English language are 'Tell me a story.'"
                                                                      Pat Conroy

And while you're here, for more on Pat Conroy and typing skills, check out this post from Dec. 22, 2009
(My goodness, how long have I been at this blogging thing?!)

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


We're running out of shopping time!

My shopping days are numbered! Fortunately, I don't really give many gifts.

But of course, Christmas won't be Christmas without any books, right?

I'm trying to snag a few signed copies of books for those young readers on my list who might appreciate them. (All of the young readers on MY list!)
Often, a writers' website will tell you exactly where to order signed books.
I'm calling Anderson's Bookstore today to order a special book for a 4-year-old I know (Shhh- don't tell him).

A personal note: My own signed books are ready to be shipped from LEMURIA in Jackson or SQUARE BOOKS JR. in Oxford, MS.

If you'd like me to personalize a book to someone you love who loves to read, give my local independent bookstore a call and I'll scurry over there and sign it to your young reader. And I'll add a bookmark or two.
HERE'S THE INFO for Inkwood.

You can support a writer and order a gift made by these talented authors.
LOVE that charm bracelet, don't you?

Give a gift that gives, or even a card that does.
If you're like me and cards have escaped you this year, try these lovely e-cards from 

Everything you need to know is right here:
(For example, check out this tree -available in paper or paperless!)

Monday, December 5, 2016

Congratulations to one of our #TrueFriends

Teachers, Parents, Librarians of readers fifth grade and up. Or thereabouts.
Are you still searching for that perfect book for holiday giving?

If she loves a great heroine, if he's read every single Harry Potter book, if they're fans of magical settings and a hint of romance, look no farther than this terrific tale.

Here's what her publisher's website has to say.
(I love the twisty-turny part!  There are many twists and turns and all sorts of side trips, near misses, dangers-  and of course fun- for Maggie along the way.)

About The Magic Mirror 

The twisty-turny journey of a girl searching for her heart’s desire—glimpsed in a magic mirror. Perfect for fans of Rump or Catherine, Called Birdy

And everybody knows what smart book pickers those folks at the Texas Library Association are, right? They just named THE MAGIC MIRROR to their Long Star Reading list. You can find the link to the books for grades 6-8 right HERE.

Congrats, Susan Hill Long. Those Texas librarians are right!
Such a good book!