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Teaching Resources

I do a limited number of school visits each year. Please email me for details and pricing.

You may contact me via my website.
Here's the link:

Or you can use this email address:
If you don't hear from me pretty quickly, please resend.
I'm good about replying unless I don't get the message.

To order books for an appearance, check with your local bookstore.
Or to order multiple copies via Scholastic's school discount, here's how! 

Our #TRUEFRIENDS campaign is a lot of fun.
Here's the media kit, with tons of great things and a giveaway.
(contest ended November, 2016)

If your class is reading MAKING FRIENDS WITH BILLY WONG: 
My brand new DISCUSSION GUIDE for teachers is HERE.

CLICK for a fascinating look at the history of Chinese immigration in the south via a podcast. 

A bit about The Way to Stay in Destiny, including a clip of me reading from an early chapter, may be found on my website HERE.

The Texas Bluebonnet Committee has put together an excellent list of resources to be used with GLORY BE.
The link is here:

I'm very proud of the Teaching Guide Tracie Zimmer created. You may find it here:
on my website, under the "BOOK" tab.
(Download this guide as a FREE PDF.)

GLORY BE has been chosen by the creators of Read Side By Side as one of their third grade teaching units. If you're interested in purchasing this very extensive teaching guide, here's the link: 

A character development project for grades 3-5 is here:

My publisher, Scholastic, has put together an excellent Teaching Guide for the Civil Rights Movement.
It may be accessed here: 

Scholastic also put together some excellent discussion questions, HERE.

HornBook included GLORY BE in this short list of Freedom Summer books:

The Children's Book Council's Diversity Committee created a very useful bibliography about Freedom Summer. 

I'm proud of the various state list nominations my books have received. 
Thank you, teachers and librarians everywhere!

Indiana Young Hoosiers Nomination 2019-2020

Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Awards, 2018-2019

Bank Street Best Books of the Year

Awards for GLORY BE

Amazon Editors' Picks: Best Books of the Year,2012; Distinguished Books,2012; Teachers' Choices,2013; Black-Eyed Susan Book Award, 2013-2014 (Nominee); Bluestem Award, 2015 (Nominee); Bluestem Award, 2016 (Nominee); Children's Crown Award, 2014-2015 (Nominee); Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award, 2013-2014 (Nominee); Garden State Children's Book Award, 2015 (Nominee); Magnolia Award, 2014 (Nominee); Pennsylvania Young Readers' Choice Award, 2013-2014 (Nominee); Sunshine State Young Reader's Award, 2013-2014 (Nominee); Texas Bluebonnet Award, 2013-2014 (Master List); Crystal Kite Member Choice Award, 2013 Southeast

Tennessee Volunteers State List  (2017-18)
Bank Street Best Books of the Year (starred)
Triple Crown Awards Book List  (2017-2018)  
Mississippi Magnolia Awards nominee (2017) 

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