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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Read all about it!

The States, that is.

If you didn't make it to the fun and fabulous NATIONAL BOOK FESTIVAL, sponsored by the Library of Congress this summer, here's a link to the books featured in the Parade of States. 

Since I happened to be nearby, of course I popped into the Convention Center to check out the Festival. 
(When GLORY BE was new, Mississippi chose my book. That was the last year I attended, and I got to sign books and it was pretty amazing.)

Each state picks a representative book to flaunt!
Now that the Festival has moved inside to the convention center, there are lots more authors and tons of kids having a ball getting their "parade" cards stamped, finding books they may have missed, enjoying the book buzz.

If you're a teacher who's tried to find a book from each state, you know it's not that easy. 
I blogged about this once before, HERE. 
And I included this list to all sorts of books, new and old, with the state(s) the books are set in. 
Here the link:

At the festival, I loved seeing Kerry Madden-Lunsford's book front and center on the Alabama table.  Set in the Great Smokey Mountains, this picture book begs to be read aloud. There's even a cornbread recipe in the back! No sugar added, I'm happy to say. At heart, Kerry, who now lives and teaches in Alabama, is a true southerner.