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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stone Soup

When you write a book-- for what seems like ages!-- it goes out into the world with a wing and a prayer. Writers hope their words will be read, but you have no assurance.

The reviews come in- some great, some so-so, some even disheartening. But nobody loves every single book, so we authors develop a thick skin.

Then you get word that the perfect young reader has loved yours. And she shared what she thought about it. That makes every single moment of research, writing, re-writing, hand-wringing and re-writing some more totally worth every minute.

This review is copyrighted by the magazine. It will appear in the March issue of STONE SOUP.

When I was a school librarian, this was a magazine my students read, enjoyed, and even contributed to a few times. Soon, you'll be able to read the content online. It's a terrific place for budding young authors. It's a great place for all authors.

(If you click on the page images below, it's easier to read.) 

I was going to include a few of Lena's sentences, but I couldn't choose. They are all so heartfelt, wonderfully written and descriptive. Thank you for possibly the best review anybody has every written of my book.


Carol Baldwin said...

Congratulations, Augusta. These are the moments and readers we write for.

Augusta Scattergood said...

You are so right, Carol!

Unknown said...

Oh Gusti! What an incredible review! And richly deserved - I loved the book (& I carry a Medicare card). We're never too old for a good read! Congratulations!