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Monday, November 28, 2016

It's Monday again

And what are YOU reading?
I hope you've taken a big bite out of your TBR file, along with that turkey sandwich.

This is my stack. I'll never get through it! It's toppling over!

But over the Thanksgiving weekend, I finished at least two of them, and they were so good.

1. Be Light Like a Bird, by Monika Schroder. Lovely story for young readers who like their action with heart. I read this as an ARC when it first came out but now our library had a copy sitting on the new book shelf and I just had to check it out. The words seem the same but it was delightful to savor them this time around. (True confessions- I don't love reading books as rich as this one on my Kindle. I'm sure I missed something. )

2. Liberty by Kirby Larson.

I'm only peeking into this, gently, because I bought it as a gift and am trying to keep it gift-like (is that a word?). 
I loved the other two in this series and so far, this one may be the best yet! World War II. New Orleans. That dog!

I'm also reading a few ARCs, courtesy of the publishers and NetGalley, which you may have noticed in my tottering To Be Read stack. I'll save those to share when I have more time to think about them. 

Happy Reading, and I hope you all had a restful, thankful-for-your-blessings weekend.


Linda B said...

I've heard good things about Be Light Like A Bird, and need to find and read it! Thanks for sharing Kirby Larson's newest book. I find all her books to be lovely stories! Hope your holiday was a good one too!

Rosi said...

I'm reading Clayton Stone Facing Off. It's so smart and funny. I do like a funny book. Enjoy your Monday reading.

Katie TheLogonauts said...

I loved Dash, so I will definitely be checking out Liberty too!

Carol Baldwin said...

Liberty and are on my list as well as "Being Friends with Billy Wong." Currently reading Sophie Quire (Jonathan Auxier) which is a MUST MG read. It's excellent. Next up is "Wish" by Barbara O'Connor. My stack would topple over too if I was ever in one place with them all!

Jana The Teacher said...

Both of those books are awesome! I read them as ARCs for my BookRelays group and bought copies of them for my classroom right away! Have a great week working through your reading pile!

GatheringBooks said...

Be Light Like A Bird looks great. :)

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks, everyone, for popping over to share your book lists! Hooray for Monday reading posts!

Kellee Moye (@kelleemoye) said...

I started Be Light Like a Bird, but I had just read a book with a tough parent death, so I couldn't make it through emotionally. I plan on picking it up again this week though as I know I'll love it when I finish it.

Thank you as always for linking up; love seeing what you are reading!
Happy reading this week :)