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Tuesday, November 24, 2020


 Good news!

There will be a 2021 Quaker Motto Calendar.

For this year, we're asking if you'll send your email address to

to receive an order form and an address to send your checks.

You can also leave a comment with your email address on this blogpost and I'll send the mailing address for payment and orders. 

Because of the scramble to get the calendars ready ASAP, the checks will go to Katharine Scattergood Marino this year. As soon as she receives your payment and order, the printer will get them to you.

Here is some information you may want to know:


Hearing how much everyone loves these little gems really made us try very hard to keep them going.

For those of you not familiar with the calendars, here's a page from yesteryear!






Unknown said...

So very glad that, at least for now, the Scattergood calendar, known in our family as the "goodie goodie" calendar, will continue! Always hanging in a "reader's corner", usually the bathroom, the calendar was enjoyed by so many. Having raised two boys who enjoyed it, as did their friends and many of our extended family, we are all delighted to know we have this respite read to look forward to. After this last year, the need could not be greater. I am happy to provide my email address and look forward to receiving order information and where to send my check. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Augusta Scattergood said...

Aimee- I have forwarded your comment to the mottocalendar gmail address. You should hear from them soon! Thanks for sharing your memories- love thinking of our calendars out in the world, and in bathrooms everywhere!

Anonymous said...

The Tweedy ranching family in San Angelo and Knickerbocker, Texas, has given and used the "Quaker calendar", as we call it, for over fifty years. My mother, and then my cousin, coordinated the ordering and sending it out every Christmas. One never appreciates water 'til the well runs dry—we now appreciate this little tome all the more. Thanks to you all for continuing it!