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Sunday, June 5, 2011

2 More Favorite Things

This huge scented geranium and the normal sized pot of lavender grow in a sunny spot in my not-so-big garden. The scented geranium was a gift from my mother-in-law's garden, over 20 years ago. She claimed it kept mosquitoes away. If it gets any larger, it will keep everything away. Last spring I cut it back so much that I thought it would never return. Ha. I live in a tropical rain forest. It came back.

It loses something in the photo. I wish you could stick your nose into the computer and breathe deeply. Then you would appreciate why I love this.

Oh, and I also love this because lavender and scented geranium are two of the main ingredients in Fairy Soup...

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1 comment:

Carol Baldwin said...

I just read a WD article about cooking that said even if you just refer to a sensory item, it'll bring that smell/taste back to the reader. Your scented generanium did that! I remember a friend having that plant and it was wonderful. Makes me want it for my garden. Scratch n' sniff computers. Maybe you're on to something.