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Friday, August 31, 2012

A way to write

You'll notice I didn't say THE way to write. Everybody has a different take on how to begin a novel. And maybe, perhaps, I think possibly some writers might use a different technique for each book.

I've heard tell about books that seem to fall onto the page. Others that take years to develop.
(Ahem. Let's not get too personal now...)

But if you're new at the game and looking for a way to jumpstart your novel, may I present fellow Jersey girl, writer Wendy Mass. Okay, she's born and bred, I'm a relative newcomer, only having lived in New Jersey 30 years. But she's a generous, fabulous writer, full of ideas.

I blogged about writing, about outlining, and about Wendy here.

If you don't know her books, look here.
My two personal favorites? Jeremy Fink and  
Every Soul a Star. 

And for her technique, check this link and click on the PDF of the essay she wrote about how she writes.

You are in for a real treat. My gift to you this Labor Day weekend.



Shannon Hitchcock ~ Children's Writer said...

I took a workshop with Wendy at an SCBWI NJ conference. I also use her plotting method to get started.

Augusta Scattergood said...

Lucky you, Shannon!