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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More from Mississippi

Who says you can't go home again?
NOBODY who ever lived in Mississippi.
Maybe no true southerner.

(Oh, wait. There's that whole Thomas Wolfe thing.)

But I did go home. And I spent some terrific days visiting bookstores, schools, and friends and family. Here it it, in large living color!

After a great time at the Kaigler Book Festival, I headed north to family, a morning gathering at Square Arts in Batesville, and a whole lot of good food. I'll leave that to your imagination since I didn't take pictures of the fried green tomatoes and shrimp and grits, etc.

Then off to Square Books Jr., on the square in Oxford. 

 We loved the sign!


I signed a lot of books.
If you'd like a signed copy, I'm sure
SQUARE BOOKS can accommodate.

(Wow. Just noticed the great pictures on your Facebook page, Jill and others at Square Books- Thanks!)

Books. Lots and lots of books. All signed.

There was a lot going on in Oxford, MS, that Saturday. But when I arrived at Square Books, Jr., this smiling face was waiting by my table. Her mom said she'd read Glory Be and couldn't wait to meet me. I was thrilled to hear her enthusiasm.
(That's what it's all about, right? That's why we write books!)

After that amazing weekend, I took off driving through the Delta on a drizzly morning.

I promise I was the only one on Highway 61 when I took this picture.

A quick stop in Cleveland always includes a walk along the railroad trail.
When I grew up there, the Illinois Central came through town on a regular basis.
Right through the center of town. We'd have to stop at the tracks and wait for trains to pass.

Now there's a neat Train Museum.

I arrived in Greenwood in time for pie.

(I did not eat them both. My sister, always agreeable to coming along for a road trip, had the chocolate. Hers was better than mine, we agreed.)

Next stop: TURNROW Books.
What a beautiful spot!

Of course, I had to snap this shot of cute, young Elvis.

A favorite moment at TurnRow. These smart girls had come with their creative writing/ storytelling teacher from the DELTA ARTS ALLIANCE. 

(For those of us who grew up in Cleveland, that would be the Ellis Theater. folks.)

They told me all about what THEY are writing. I loved talking to them and signing their books.)

This picture of my brother, sister and me was taken by the sister of a childhood friend, one inspiration for Miss Sister.

My friend's name was Sandra. She added a lot of fun to growing up.

Next stop- LEMURIA in Jackson!

Two school visits, one fabulous party, lots of family. Does it get any better than Jackson?

We visited Mannsdale Elementary School where it happened to be Famous Mississippians Day.

Check out Oprah.
(Elvis was there, too.)

These kids were reading my new book! They'd chosen it for a book club selection!

Here I am at Lemuria, just before the skies opened up and a storm blew through Jackson. I'm reading from THE WAY TO STAY IN DESTINY.  After I read, we all gathered at my friend Ivy's house to talk about books, old times and memories, and new friends.

I returned to Lemuria the next day to sign a lot of books. I'm sure if you give Clara Martin, book buyer extraordinaire a call, she'll save a book for you!


Diane C McPhail said...

No one on Hwy 61, but is that a crop duster I spot in the distance?

Augusta Scattergood said...

Diane, Yep. That's a crop duster! Took the picture to send my husband and he accused me of playing with my phone while driving. Had to make a point that I could actually stop in the middle of the road and get a quick photo. Nobody but me on Hwy 61. I do love the Delta.