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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gotta Love Your Librarians!

Children's writer Elsa Marston (see below) posted this letter on a librarians' listserv that comes to my email each morning. Since it made my day, I have to share. The letter appeared recently in the Bloomington, Indiana, newspaper:

Dear the government,

I don't like that you're firing our school librarians. I am a first-grader at Childs school, and I think that Ms. Williams is a great librarian. She reads wonderful stories, and her voice goes up when it is supposed to and down when it is supposed to.

She helps me find books and makes me interested in reading and makes books
exciting for me. Ms. Williams makes us feel special. She knows each kid's name.

Childs school will never be the same without Ms. Williams in the library.

Why are you firing our school librarians?

Anna W.

And there you have it, world. Carry on, librarians, and remember to make your voice go up and down according to what it's supposed to do.

(And while I'm at it: I attribute my life-long love of libraries and books to the children's librarian in Newton Centre, Massachusetts, who always had a smile on her face, and who didn't get one bit upset when my sister threw up all over the reading table.)


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Anonymous said...

I remember the librarians in my life too! Laurel was fortunate to have the Lauren Rogers Museum and Library. It was such a magical and elegant place to me!
Cork floors to keep down the noise, your very own library card, summer reading competitions, places for book clubs of ALL ages to meet and discuss the latest choices..huge tables where you could sit and read or study.
We were so privileged to have that wonderful place!
Our high school librarian was a real character and KNEW everything about everthing (and everyone).....and I loved being one of many library assistants.
However, she did lack the quality of the voice thing...